A Complete Guidebook for Choosing the Best Car Battery You Ever Bought

How many times has it happened that you keep trying to start your car and it just refuses to turn on? If you have owned a car for some time, it’s likely that you have been in a similar situation more times than one. You’re not alone.

Battery failure is an epidemic that has been around since automobiles first emerged on the scene. As the cars became powerful, so did the need for batteries that can match that power. Modern batteries have come a long way in that regard.

However, battery failure is as likely today as it was two decades ago. Many times, it is repairable. On other occasions, you have to replace it with a new one. If you are currently in the market for a new car battery in Northampton, Jackson MOT Centre is the obvious choice for you.

But before buying, you should know what to consider while buying a new battery.

Cold-Cranking Amps

This relates to the battery’s ability to start a car even in freezing temperatures. It’s no secret that a car battery is more likely to freeze in the winter. The more the cold-cranking amps (CCA), the better it is expected to produce energy to start the engine.

Generally, experts recommend going for higher CCA ratings. Manufacturers also specify the optimum CCA for your specific car model, and you’ll do well to stick with that.  You can go higher but should avoid getting a new car battery that has a lower CCA than what your manufacturer recommends.

Size Matters

Batteries are like tyres in this matter. One size doesn’t fit all. Different car models have different battery size specifications. The battery must fit well in its place to be able to produce any power for your car.

For example, most Honda and Toyota cars use size 35, while GM cars mostly use a size 75.

Disproportionate batteries will not only be grossly inadequate but may also harm your car in different ways. Every vehicle has its own battery size requirements. Make it a point to check out the recommended battery size in your owner’s manual.

Money Matters Too

Cheap things are always attractive, especially when those things are to remain well-hidden from sight. Many car owners site this logic for buying cheap batteries for their cars.

“Well, it does the job” is a dangerous mantra to live by as far as your car battery is concerned. The result is almost always catastrophic. Soon you’ll have to visit a car battery repair garage in Northampton and end up spending more than you had saved by buying those cheap batteries.

Investing in a premium brand of car battery will let you get the best out of your car for a much longer time. They prevent sudden failures, require drastically lower maintenance, and also come with better warranties. They last a lot longer too. In the long run, they prove to be much more cost-effective than the cheaper ones.

So, the next time you have the impulse to buy a cheap battery for your car, stop and think again. You’re not doing yourself or your car any favour by doing that.

Batteries are the powerhouse of any car. Investing in good ones will ensure that your car functions well and doesn’t leave you stranded. If you’re looking for a new car battery in Northampton, trust only the reputed garages like Jackson MOT Centre. Buy only after you are completely assured that it’s the best fit for your car.

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